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you think i'm dead, but i sailed away on a wave of mutilation. [entries|friends|calendar]

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holliday season, mother-fucker! [

Dec 24 - 1:02 pm]
[ mood | amused ]

just like every year before, i am amazed that it is christmas eve already. it happens like this: i will be hanging out, minding my own business, and i here a voice from behind, "sup, rianne." . i slowly turn around (sudden movements could end badly) and who do i see standing, all creepy behind me? santi claus. and once again, like so many times before, a creepy old guy has managed to sneak up on me. there will come a time, santa, when i will do the sneaking. mark my words!


i love my momma because she makes good chiken [

Jul 20 - 12:25 am]
[ mood | cranky ]

hmmm.... let's see. my last update i was talking about going to see cat power. well, she was amazing and beautiful. she took a cigarette break on stage and spoke of three high school friends named sarah.

jorie does not need a hamburger. she already had two helpings of pork roast.

we walked in the rain today. it was raining so hard that it got to the point that the umbrella was useless. gutters became angry rivers. our clothes were soaked through, and there was something strangely liberating about it.


waiting is an art to be mastered [

Jun 12 - 9:25 am]
i'm just going to make a run through of all the things that have happened lately, because it's been a while since i have updated.

hm...oh, i thought that i wasn't going to be able to go to boone, but everything turned out alright. i had an amazing time.

i have been job hunting and there are a few jobs that are looking good. i went down town and asked for applications. i was scared at first, but it was pretty fun. i just need to get a worker's permit. i'm pumped.

i went to brittany's baby shower. it was a lot of fun. later on that night we put earphones up to brittany's belly and the baby started to move. he kicked and squirmed. it was....impressive. a living thing is inside of her and better yet it was awake and moving. sort of like an alien.

it has been a while since i have let loose. so, while hangin' with my favorite little boy, i did, let loose i was pretty interesting, except when i tripped and fell when i was running from a giant moth. my big toe started bleeding all over the place. actually that was pretty awesome as well.

meaning of life?........huh? [

Apr 28 - 11:18 pm]
so, a few weeks ago a bike was abandoned in my back yard and no one knows where it came from. it just seemed to apear one day. i just figured that one of justin's little friends had left it there, but the bike remained where it had been left and i began to wonder: "why?" then, i finally went to my mother to inqire the origin of the "mystery bike". i was told that the previos dwelling of the bike was unknown...... sort of like a u.f.o.. the urge to take the bike for a ride had become more alluring and persuasive. every time i passed by it, it seemed to call me: " take me fo' a ride, rianne." so, i did. and now i am beginning to understand why someone ditched that shit in my back yard.

mr. darcy owns [

Mar 21 - 12:47 pm]
[ mood | sick ]

another disappointment has come my way. i will not become the cinderella that i hoped to be. i cannot go to prom. i had no idea exactly when it was and it was much closer than i had expected. my life isn't over, but i was looking forward to having my lady on my arm. am i strong enough to survive such a blow as this? i think so.
i spent some extra time with the little boy next door last weekend. i always enjoy that little boy. while deep in conversation, we were interrupted by a rabid dog that wouldn't stop barking. eventually, we had to shoot it to put it out of it's misery. after that, all was well. later on that same evening, we were joined by a little girl. we all had tea and laughed the night away. i love happy endings.


if i had a tumor, i'd name it after you. [

Mar 13 - 6:50 pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so, the knoxville con was last weekend. i had planned on going, however things didn't turn out that way. i was deeply disappointed. i managed to have a awesome time (as usual) with jd, though. we shoved food into our mouths and stared at each other. the only thing that was off that night were the oni onis (onion rings). i don't know what was going on, but they were the funkiest oni onis i have ever had. everything else was good.
the unthinkable has happened, guys. i am going to prom. that's right. some one asked me to prom. i bet you didn't see that one coming. whoever is going to prom as well will witness a rare thing : me in a dress. i'm going to stroll in with my lady on my arm and a sweet tune in heart. i'm gong to look at all those who doubted me in the eyes and say, " i am going to prom, suckas". i don't know what i'm going to do about the dress situation. i think i'll just get something that shows off the goods. i'm cinder-fucking-rella.


idid you know that 80% of the meat they use in resteraunts isn't beef? ah hell nah. it's beefalo. [

Feb 27 - 12:56 pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i think i've had a profitable weekend. i got to spend some time with lady j (which is always a pleasure). i hung out with mikey p and made fun him for the majority of the time. i finished pride and prejudice and i loved it. the movie is coming out on dvd tomorrow and i can't wait. if hear anyone talk shit about pride and prejudice, movie or book, i will take you down t-rex style. if any of you don't know what exactly t-rex style is, let me just say: it's never the nice way. so, the knoxville con is coming up! i'm extra excited and if you could see me now, you would see that i'm doing my excited dance (which is probably the sexiest dance anyone is privileged to see).
i think i'm going to watch the duke of hazard today. it probably consists mostly of jessica simpson's boobs. i really don't have much else to do today, besides looking at myself in the mirror, and even that can get a little boring after a while. some how i managed to survive valentine's day. man, that's the dumbest holiday ever. even when i had a boyfriend i wasn't too keen on it. did you know that more people kill themselves on that day than any other day of the year? that's right. while you're busy exchanging some cheapo-ugly-ass teddy bear, people are killing themselves over it. i almost killed myself. why? because you people are disgusting. and on that heart warming note i must depart. catch ya later.


hello there, chinga madres [

Feb 2 - 6:16 pm]
hello there, my eager beavers. ha ha.
i just wanted to say beaver. what i really meant to say was eager reader, which i know you all are.

i just ingested four turkey dogs. how did i do this, when considering that i don't even like hot dogs (excluding that chili dog i ate with jorie)? i don't know, bout it was pretty gros. i will probably projectile vomit and have a heart attack simaltaniously in about half an hour. after that, i'll probably eat some more, because i'm an unstoppable eating machine. and, if any of you try to get in the way of me and the grubage, i'll roundhouse kick you in the face.
today was pretty boring. i sat around and drew pictures of friends/loved ones as zombies. other than that my day was pretty dead. ha ha. get it? i made a funny without meaning to. oooo, that was a good one. now then, let's get on to more serious business. for those of you of were wondering, my romance prospect is going well. i think. at least i hope so. it's hard to tell when all my insecurities are telling me otherwise. my inner voice (which is not a loud as the others) says that i am right to think that i have chance. and sinse people are always saying "act on your gut. your instincts are always right. blah blah blah", i should probably do it. my inner voice also say to "kill". just kidding guys.
i have come to the conclusion that no one gets any thing they want if they don't take a leap. and i know that sounds super cliche, but it really is true in my experience. i've missed out on some potentially good things because i was afraid. but, now i'm wary of being afraid. holding back when i should have listened to my intuition is getting old. second chances don't come along often, at least not where it really counts. i'll wait as long as i have to, because i've found something (or someone) that i'm passionate about, when i thought i had lost it (the passion, i mean. i don't mean passion of the christ to all of the smart asses out there). i sound like a fucking romance novel.

catch you guys on the flip-side.


Jan 31 - 8:04 pm]
hi there, everyone.

i got back from the charlotte con a few days ago. for those of you that don't know, a con is short for conference. in short it's a youth retreat held by a church. now, i'm not super religious or anything. i go to a universal unitarianist church, which is non-denominational church. and when i say non-denominational, i mean any one is welcome no matter what your religion or beliefs are. well, anyway, while at a con you get to do a morning and an afternoon workshop. i was pretty disappointed with the workshops this year, however i didn't let that ruin my weekend.

i brought my best buddy with me, and hopefully she had a good time as well. i also (while at the con) got see someone whom i had been missing for quite some time. i got to spend some time with them, actually a lot more time than i had hoped for. that was one the highlights (besides hanging with lady j). man was it fun, but staying up all night and eating crap all weekend takes a toll on your body. when i got home i crashed and myself a heavy, dreamless sleep.

tonight i will go to bed with much more hope than i did the night before. thogh i had a good time at the con, there was something that made me really sad and discouraged. yes, yes it was something dealing with the romance department. to make a long story short, i threw away the one thing that i had wanted all along. why? because i'm dumb. but for some reason, i think i may have another shot. and on that note i must say goodbye.

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